Our mission is to educate, promote and support horsemanship and the Western lifestyle as a therapeutic and healing option for the Western community, particularly those who may be in need.


Our vision is to unite companies, brands and individuals to help provide support to families and individuals that are in need, whether financially, emotionally or spiritually.


Our purpose is to provide the necessary means to help individuals or family get through their difficult times and help them heal.

The Man Behind The Foundation


Scott Knudsen is not your ordinary 5th generation Texas cowboy with a business degree from Tarleton State University in Stephensville, TX. Scott, his beautiful wife Tracy, and his wonderful daughter, Hailey, live near Fredericksburg, TX.A lightning strike survivor, Scott's been featured in NOAA's National Weather Service Lightning Safety Campaign on Fox News, and more, sharing his story of being hit in the head by lightning and relearning how to read and write. Scott's
talks and appearances have most recently taken him across the country and throughout his native Texas.
Scott hosts the weekly Cowboy Entrepreneur® show, which broadcasts worldwide on a dozen platforms-from Heart to Spotify to Apple-and is featured on EQUINE NETWORK'S Horse Radio Network. Watch Cowboy Entrepreneur weekly on the Cowboy Entrepreneur YouTube Channel. Plus, don't miss his EQUUS TV Show, ON THE ROAD WITH THE COWBOY ENTREPRENEUR, all year long.In early Spring, Scott will be filming an autobiography called LIGHTNING COWBOY, where his true story will be brought to life on the Big Screen. The movie will detail his lightning survival story and the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Faith, and the power of family in this made-for-all drama by Award-Winning Producer, Rodney Stone!Scott's first book, SOVEREIGN REIN, ACollection of 14 Real-Life Cowboy Stories, will be released at NFR in DECEMBER!Scott is an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Professional Horseman and AQHA Ambassador. He is a Keynote Speaker and regular on the National CHRIST OVER CAREER Tour. Scott also contributes to multiple national and international publications including, Performance Horse Digest and Epoch Times.

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